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About Us / Curriculum

About Us

Happy Days is a family operated child care learning center established in March of 1986 by Maria and David Bydalek , parents of Sandra Martin.  The center is currently operated by Sandra and Joseph Martin.

Sandra received her BBA from Texas A & M University and Joseph received his BBA Finance and Accounting degree from the University of Houston.  Sandra and Joseph are engaged in all daily activities at the center including curriculum implentation, menu selection and purchase, bus transportation and all off-site activities. (field trips). They also support  local Cyfair schools  financially and through volunteer work.  They have lived in the Cyfair area since September of 1987.


Happy Days utilizes two academic programs based on age as follows:

18 months – 2 years

HighReach Learning: Flexible activites that encourage energetic and enthusiastic two-year olds to build vocabulary, develop small and large muscle skills, engage in creative expression, develop socialization skills and more.

3 years (potty trained) – Pre-K

A Beka Curriculum: Christian based phonics reading program which entails skills development, phonics, writing, numbers, arts/crafts, language development, poetry, music,health, safety and manners. Religion is not taught, but we do encourage prayer before all meals.

Happy Days is a learning center for growing, active children.  We look forward to having you and your child with us.